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We use two main types of skylights: tube and open shaft. Your best option depends on the room size, the effect you are after, and your roof design. We are happy to consult with you about the most effective option for your needs.

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Tube Skylights

A Tube Skylight fills any room with brilliant sunshine without the problems of traditional skylights. Tubes are an excellent choice when you wish to maintain the appearance of ceiling lighting. Using a diffuser panel, the Tube spreads natural light within your room. A very popular and effective option for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and lounges.

Open Shaft Skylights

When seeing the sky is important, an open shaft skylight is an excellent option. We use the Adlux range of skylights and roof windows which allow for maximum light and have a contemporary appearance.

Download Ecotube brochure for tile roofs
Download Ecotube brochure for steel roofs

Attic Stairs

It's a problem most homes have - where to store those seasonal toys and all those might-be-used-again-one-day treasures.

The answer is very simple - fold away stairs, which can create an attic in the vast storage area between your ceiling and your roof. Even where there is a low pitched roof there is room for attic storage.

Many homes with higher pitched roofs have the space for a sizeable attic, a study, a guest or child's bedroom! Stairs provide easy access to that storage area.

We Also Do:

  • Custom made windows
  • Roof windows
  • Glass and acrylic windows
  • Tubular skylights- round and square
  • Roof penetrations
  • Flashing systems
  • Roof access hatches and walkways
  • Butynol roofing
  • Leaks fixed

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